Although it requires some work in swinging, it was the most effective and rewarding. You go out to meet swarming mosquitos with this thing and you immediately hear the snap crackle and pops of the mosquitos that are being zapped that were trying to bite you!

This  fly zapper racket easily kills mosquitos, flies, fruit flies, gnats and other pests in a single swing

Safe & easy to use. Quick USB charging built in lithium battery. This tennis racket zapper gets rid of pesky bugs in an instant


Bug Zapper Racket | Fly Zapper Racket | Tennis Racket Bug Zapper



For quick, convenient charging, plug in your rechargeable bug zapper using the included USB cable.

As powerful as it is efficient, the built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge!

Thanks to an ergonomic, lightweight design, our racket provides comfort and control.

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Safe To Use

The protective grids on both sides of the handheld files killer , not only protect the middle electric mesh from being damaged, but mainly prevent people from being shocked when using


LED Lighting System

Built-in LED bulb not only can help you find and attract the mosquito but also light your road in need. The other LED bulbs as an indicator show if the fly swatter racquet is working normally and charged fully

Built-in Li-battery charged by USB

The built-in 18650 Li-battery with 1,000mAh capacity supports a long time continuous use after one time full charging for the electronic fly zapper. USB charging makes it convenient to be recharged, whenever and wherever and never worry about the safety any more

Quality Guarantee

Brand new ABS materials make the zapper swatter bright and look shiny. The firm frame makes it not easy to collapse thus provides services for a long time.
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What is a Bug Zapper Racket?

A Bug Zapper Racket is a handheld device that combines the functionality of a traditional fly swatter with an electric bug zapper. It features a mesh surface that electrifies upon contact, effectively eliminating flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. It provides a convenient and efficient way to get rid of pesky bugs.

How does a Fly Zapper Racket work?
A Fly Zapper Racket works by utilizing an electric grid incorporated into the mesh surface. When the racket comes into contact with a flying insect, a small electrical current is activated, instantly electrocuting the bug. The racket is designed to be safe for users, providing an effective and satisfying way to eliminate flying pests.
Is a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper suitable for indoor use?
Yes, a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper is suitable for indoor use. Its compact and handheld design allows you to navigate around indoor spaces with ease, eliminating flies and other flying insects. However, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid using the racket near water sources or electrical outlets.
Can a Bug Zapper Racket be used outdoors?
Absolutely! A Bug Zapper Racket is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic, camping trip, or relaxing in your backyard, the racket is a handy tool to keep pesky bugs at bay. Its portable nature and electric bug-zapping capabilities make it a versatile solution for outdoor insect control.
Is it safe to use a Fly Zapper Racket around children and pets?
While Bug Zapper Rackets are generally safe to use, it’s important to exercise caution when children or pets are present. It’s recommended to keep the racket out of their reach to avoid accidental contact. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe usage to minimize any potential risks.
How long does the battery last in a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper?
The battery life of a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper can vary depending on the model and usage. Generally, the batteries are designed to last for several hours of active usage. It’s advisable to have spare batteries on hand to ensure uninterrupted bug-zapping when needed.
Can a Bug Zapper Racket be used for other flying insects besides flies?
Yes, a Bug Zapper Racket can be used to eliminate various flying insects. It effectively zaps mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, and other annoying bugs that may be buzzing around. It’s a versatile tool that offers quick and satisfying results for a range of flying pests.
Is a Fly Zapper Racket suitable for use in commercial establishments?
Absolutely! A Fly Zapper Racket can be used in commercial establishments such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels to maintain a pest-free environment. It provides an efficient and hands-on approach to insect control, ensuring a pleasant experience for customers and guests.
Can a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper be used at nighttime?
Yes, a Tennis Racket Bug Zapper can be used at nighttime. In fact, it can be particularly effective during evening hours when flying insects tend to be more active. The racket may even have built-in LED lights to assist with visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to spot and zap bugs in the dark.
Are Bug Zapper Rackets environmentally friendly?
Bug Zapper Rackets are a relatively eco-friendly option for insect control. They eliminate the need for chemical sprays or pesticides, reducing potential harm to the environment. However, it’s important to dispose of dead


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