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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading magnetic fly screen door curtain supplier to homes and businesses across Australia & New Zealand – here are some of the common questions we get asked


Will I need to remove my Magic Magnet screen every time I want to close my door, or can I just leave it in?

The only situation in which you will need to remove your Magic Magnet screen in order to close your door is if you have French doors or double doors but only want to screen one of your two doors (see the section on French doors above).

Otherwise, if your screen is installed in a doorjamb or sliding door track, you do not have to remove it in order to close your doors, and can simply leave it there after the initial installation.

Is the screen strong?

Answer: This mesh is super strong and not easy to break, and does not leave crease marks.

If my door size doesn't match your standard size chart, will I need to order a custom screen?

Answer: If the width of your door falls within a few cms (either larger or smaller) of any of our standard screen widths, then you should have no problems.

Here is a quick video showing you how to adjust a bigger screen to fit your door.

How do I measure my door so I know the size of screen best suited for my door?

The idea is that you measure your existing door then choose the next closest size to buy. For example, if your door size is 88cm x 205cm, choose 90cm x 210cm.


Make sure you measure the door jamb rather than the door itself. 

For the height, measure all the way from the floor plate or threshold to the top of the doorjamb. In order for the screen to operate correctly it has to hang slightly above the floor so that it can swing open and closed freely. If the screen brushes the ground it won’t close properly.

If there are no tools needed to install a Magic Magnet screen, how do you install it?

Magic Magnet screens are installed on a velcro strip that you apply fully around your door frame.

The installation is very easy and only takes around 10 – 15 minutes. The self adhesive velcro strip comes included so there is no need for any additional installation equipment.

There is no need for any tradesman equipment or tools. Every boxed set of magnetic door screens comes with detailed instructions that you can easily follow.

For ease of setup, use a good and clear working floor space where you can easily lay down the flyscreen frame as you do the set up.


When setting up the mesh door, make sure you give it some slack for the magnets to line up/close easily

Do you provide an installation service?
The DIY kit for our screens is extremely easy-to-install.

With that said we do understand that some people prefer to engage hassle-free installation service.

We recommend a great online service called Airtasker. Simply order your screens online here and when they arrive co-ordinate a local handyman from Airtasker to come and fit them for you.

Can I use Magic Magnet screens for my French doors?

French door flyscreens

Yes, we have screens that will fit 130cm to 180cm French doors or double doors.

If you only ever open one of your doors, we also have 70 – 120cm screens that can be fitted between the doorjamb and the second door that will remain closed.

Installing your screen this way means that you will need to take the whole thing out if you want to close and lock your doors at night, but this is actually not a large inconvenience because it only takes a minute or so to take down the screen, roll it up, and put it away somewhere.

If you get the larger type of screen for your French or double doors that goes across the entire doorjamb, keep in mind that you don’t need to take the screen out in order to close your doors.

Do you have screens that will fit sliding glass doors?

We do carry sizes that will fit most sliding glass doors, or if your doors don’t match up with our standard sizes we can make a custom screen for you.

In most cases the door opening is only half the width of the entire class area. Just be sure to measure the height from the top of the bottom track to the inside of the top track.

Make sure that the screen doesn’t brush against the bottom track if you want it to open and close properly.

Is the size of the screens fixed? I only see set sizes on your website

Yes – but with that said ….. our magnetic insect screen doors can be made to fit most door widths and heights by folding over the edges.


Can I try out the insect screens one door/window at a time?

Answer: Absolutely!

In fact, we encourage you to do so. We know that when you try out the effectiveness of our screens by buying only 1-2 units for those doors/windows where mosquitoes (and other insects) enter your house – you will absolutley love them and will want to install these screens on every door.

Because there is FREE SHIPPING – you have no pressure to order multiple screens at one time (in an effort to save money on shipping).

Simply order as many as you need, when you need. (ie try our x1 or x2 as suggested above)


What color is the flyscreen mesh?

Answer: Available in black.

Will the magnetic joiners be effective over long periods time?

The sewn in magnets will not lose its magnetism and shape under normal home use conditions.

The magnets are manufactured to world class quality. 

How long will the screen last? Are they durable

Yes, as we have taken special care to ensure the quality and durability of our product.

We make our screens with very high quality mesh as well as high energy magnets.

There is a strong webbing sewn at the bottom of the screen in order to protect it, and all the edges of the screen have been re-enforced with weather-resistant thread for a clean appearance and for durability.

There is also extra webbing behind the loop fasteners and magnets to prevent them from coming off even high traffic, commercial situations.

Given ordinary circumstances, your Magic Magnet screen will have a long life.

Will ventilation of brightness of my house be affected by the screens?

No it will not


For ventilation of your space, normal airflow is not affected by the newly installed screens and air will be able to move freely in and out of your house.

In fact, this is the one of the main reasons why our customers install our screens: in an effort to keep the doors open (allowing airflow) while keeping the mosquitoes, lizards, flying cockroaches and other creepy crawlies out.

Do you have a shop location?

We are a “online insect door screen supplier”, with no physical shop or premises. In this way, we are able to pass our considerable savings directly to you.

Do you sell accessories?
Yes we do. If you need accessories for your screen (like extra corner pieces, joiners, extra mesh etc etc, you can buy these separately.
Will I be able to lock my Magic Magnet screen?
Unfortunately Magic Magnet screens cannot be locked and should not be used in any situation in which you don’t want small children or pets to be able to get outside.
Will I be able to lock my Magic Magnet screen?
Unfortunately Magic Magnet screens cannot be locked and should not be used in any situation in which you don’t want small children or pets to be able to get outside.
If I live in a windy area, will a Magic Magnet screen still work for me?
Magic Magnet screens are unfortunately not recommended for windy regions, as high winds can stop your screen from snapping shut behind you and you may have to close it manually (which defeats the whole purpose). Accordingly a traditional screened door is much more suitable for regions with high winds.
Will Magic Magnet fit my 210cm tall door?

Although the standard height for most doors is 2040mm, many of these doors are actually less than 2040mm tall on account of the floor plate. Accordingly our Magic Magnet door screens are designed to fit doors from 200cm  to 212cm tall.

A Good Tip When Buying Your Magnetic Fly Screen Door Curtain From An Online Supplier

Avoid the cheap nylon mesh screen doors

Compared to the cheap nylon insect screen mesh, this mesh material is more durable and will last longer in your home. The density of this door curtain is 15×17 mesh.

This mesh is not only great in keeping out flies and insects, but also allows fresh air and sunshine into your home.


Some benefits of buying the better quality fibreglass mesh models include:

  • Chemical corrosion resistant
  • Retains a good natural looking solid shape
  • Tips For Purchasing A DIY Magnetic Screen Door
  • The screen mesh is folded within the bagged packaging. Please be careful when you opening the packaging, not to use scissors or a sharp tool which might damage the mesh
  • This mesh is not easy to break, and does not leave a crease marks.